Monday, December 15, 2014

Pokemon X and Y Emulator

Pokemon X and Y Emulator - Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Never heard of the game called Cubic meter Ninja? Probably not. After his release in 2011 for the Nintendo 3DS console puzzle game that can be taken quickly forgotten. Until this month, that is, when hackers discovered that specific error in the game can allow people to run their own code on the 3DS.
Within three years, Nintendo 3DS was insensitive to try to hack hackers and change left. Cubic meter Bug Ninja lets people work "Homebrew" Argo of unauthorized code on the console, using games to pirated or illegally 3DS, but also user-created games and online hackers known Smealum created software.An attack (a piece of software designed for the use of specific vulnerability) to search cubic Ninja known ninjhax, among video.The code for use Smealum express their site, but likely, it must be noted that running homebrew on the Nintendo 3DS, the most your warranty is void. Software piracy or modified each can also be illegal.
Nintendo 3DS repairs that would push the air, so maybe I can say is the company to quickly resolve the problem.
Meanwhile, the people on the Nintendo 3DS homebrew software, including the SNES emulator to run SNES games on the 3DS, 3DS adaptation in Minecraft and GameBoy emulator to play Game Boy gamesDer Homebrew Channel on Nintendo 3DS, 2DS OR 3DS XL can be. Responsible Hacker Smealum & Team, which opens the door for the software-third hack Nintendo 3DS. If you need a special meeting.
During this meeting, the presence of Cubic meter Ninja, which I already said. Therefore new parts and learning little. Process 3DS Homebrew remittance NAME "Ninjhax" not running smoothly, but it works.Beautiful homebrew for the 3DS there are already for download: blargSnes is a SNES emulator StapleButter with open source code, beautiful performance for the most games and even sound - the former was not a matter of course on the DS.

There is also a 3DS adaptation of Minecraft called 3DS Craft, engaged in the development is still early but already brings 3D appearance and infinite worlds offers. Of course, a Game Boy emulator can not be missing, which is available in the form of GameYob.

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